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I am a certified Systemic-Integrative Coach ® (private and business coach) for companies and private clients. I did my extensive training with Dr. Migge Seminare ® and am recognized and a member of the German Professional Association for Coaching (Deutscher Fachverband Coaching, DFC).

My goal is to support people and companies in establishing a new everyday and professional culture that is characterized by balance, fulfilment and health. I pass on my self-tested and effective tools from systemic coaching, yoga, breathing, meditation and Ayurveda to you.


Having years of professional experience myself, I know the price it can take to perform well in the business world. I am talking about high levels of stress, dissatisfaction and the question of one´s own meaning. This stress can have different effects and lead to psychosomatic and physical symptoms such as burnout and insomnia.

Most of the time, clients come to me when they feel a great deal of distress. Although they cannot always explain why they are not well, coaching can be very useful here. Through my active listening, the use of special coaching tools, questions and observations, the client can learn to accept and love himself more again. I help him to get in touch with himself so that he can hear again what his own voice is telling him.

I can empathize very well with my clients and accompany individuals and employees in companies to regain their inner balance and holistic health. 




  • Personal and business coaching

  • Focus:

    • Stress management and resilience

    • Burnout prevention

    • Time and self-management

    • Finding meaning

    • Solution oriented coaching

    • Leadership Coaching

  • Individualized Ayurveda consulting regarding nutrition and lifestyle, for balance and holistic health

  • Personalized yoga, breathing and meditation exercises

  • Workshops around holistic health, i.e. exercise, nutrition, mental & physical well-being

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